About B2B Quartz

B2B Quartz's history

Since 2008, our company "B2B Quartz" has been engaged in the production and sales of quartz surface slabs and countertops (for China domestic and overseas markets), we have accumulated rich experience in production and sales.

Over the years of production, we have encountered many kinds of quality problems, and at the same time, we also have solved all these problems, one by one. (for example, pinholes, color variation, cracks, bowing, impurities, red dots,  various quality problems.)

What might happen if you purchase in China

When you are purchasing Chinese quartz slabs, you may meet all kinds of quality problems.

For example, when the factory does mass production according to your order, maybe 100 slabs, and if these slabs have quality problems.

The factory's production staff feel very difficult to produce once again. They don't want to produce again, they don't know if they can get around the same problem by producing again.

And you're feeling stuck in the middle right now, because the quality of all these quartz products, is not able to be exported to your market for sale,  because that will damage your brand image.

We can imagine this is such a dilemma, and we have experienced it.

From now on, if you cooperate with us, we can help you avoid any of these situations.

B2B Quartz supplies quality and service

1. You can go to any quartz slabs factory in China to purchase quartz slabs or countertops; we'll help you control the quality and delivery time.

2. You can let us recommend the best items of quartz surfaces for you, or choosing the right quartz factory or countertops factory. 

Every good Chinese factory has its own advantages, and we know them. We are willing to provide you with such information and services.

To date, B2B Quartz has served customers in the following markets:

The United States, Canada, Mexico, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Taiwan, and many other markets.

We have very rich experience in quartz surface slabs & countertops export, we know that the international market needs excellent quality quartz stone products, and also know that our customers can only accept competitive prices.

We only earn a reasonable profit and hope that our customers can seize bigger and bigger markets and long-term development through our services and help.

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