Quartz countertop

white quartz kitchen countertop

The primary use of the quartz surfaces is quartz countertop.

There are many other options for countertops, but the quartz surface is no doubt the best choice in the field of countertops.


Because of the advantages of quartz surfaces:

1. High hardness, scratch resistance, low maintenance required

Quartz surface has a higher hardness than natural marble and higher hardness than most metals. Therefore, fruit knives, kitchen knives, pencil knives, and other tools that use in daily life generally do not damage the surface of quartz stone countertops, no scratches.

Quartz countertop does not require frequent maintenance as natural marble. This can save a lot of maintenance costs later.

2. No pin-holes, low water absorption, stain-resistant

There are no holes, and the water absorption rate is low, nearly zero, so it is less likely to keep dirt and stains, which is convenient for homemakers to clean their homes and does not absorb the color.

If your children are playing with watercolors on the quartz countertop, you don't have to worry about watercolors penetrating the quartz countertop.

3.No oil absorption

The advantage of not absorbing oil is excellent. In our kitchen, cooking oil is used daily for cooking. The bottle of cooking oil is occasionally oily, and the quartz stone countertop does not absorb the oil, so you don't have to worry about oil stains penetrating the countertop.

Of course, if you are the owner of the factory and the operating table in your workshop is often oily, then the quartz stone countertop is also an excellent choice because it does not absorb oil and is easy to clean.

4. Quartz countertop warranty

Because the physical and chemical properties of quartz stone are excellent, quartz stone brand suppliers can boldly provide the warranty for all quartz countertops used in your house.

5.Various color choices

Because quartz stone is an artificial stone, the brand owners can launch new quartz stone designs to meet consumer's needs every year, according to the market demand; just like clothing brand owners, they start new clothing styles every year.

There are so many advantages of quartz stone, and there may be more, we will not repeat them here.

But the above advantages are enough to make quartz stone the best choice in the field of countertops.

By the way, countertops can be:

  • Kitchen countertops, bathroom worktops
  • Laboratory operation counters, bar benchtops
  • Hotel reception desks, office reception desks, and coffee table counters at home
  • Dining table countertops and all various countertops for every indoor occasion which you may need.

You may want to say that granite and the solid surface can also use as countertops. You are right, granite and solid surfaces are good choices, too.
But solid surface, granite, and quartz, what is the difference between them? I have written articles specifically for them; please check it out here: Quartz Vs. Granite and Solid Surface Vs. Quartz.

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