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There are two types of QUARTZ manufacturers:

1. Quartz manufacturers with their quartz production lines;

This type of manufacturers, such as Cimstone, Okite, Quartzforms, and other manufacturers; they all have their production lines;

2. The second type is a brand manufacturer that does not have its production line, but owns its brand and claims to be a manufacturer.

I think if you need the OEM service and want to promote your brand, you are going to find the first type of manufacturer with its production line.

The first type of manufacturers include manufacturers from mainland China and manufacturers in many other countries, such as Stoneitaliana in Italy, Vicostone in Vietnam, Silestone in Spain, Hanstone in South Korea, Quantra in India, Caesarstone in Israel, Diresco in Belgium and Belenco in Turkey, etc.

Today we mainly introduce quartz manufacturers from mainland China.
In China, quartz manufacturers mainly distribute in the following provinces:
Guangdong, Fujian, and Shandong provinces. 

Are there other manufacturers in other provinces in China that produce quartz?
Sure. But the quantity is much less. 
For example,

ZCWJ and GUANTAI in Hubei Province

FORNY in Jiangxi Province

LE in Henan Province, etc. 
Many provinces will have one or two quartz stone manufacturers. They are scattered and not clustered.

Let's mainly talk about the manufacturers in the three provinces of Fujian, Guangdong, and Shandong.
1. Shandong Province
The quartz stone manufacturers in Shandong Province give buyers the impression that the price is low, the quality is average, the positioning is low-end, and the production capacity is ample.

If you are not pursuing high-quality quartz stone and only need a low price, then quartz stone in Shandong Province will be the right choice.

For example, HorizonStone, which often see in stone exhibitions, comes from Shandong Province. The quality of their big-grain series of quartz stones is good enough.
If you need to contact them, we can help you purchase, only need to charge a reasonable operating fee.

Of course, there are other factories in Shandong Province with similar quality. But HorizonStone is a representative.

2. Guangdong Province
There are many quartz manufacturers in Guangdong Province. Mainly distributed in Foshan city and Yunfu city.

Sure, also other cities, such as Zhaoqing, Qingyuan, Heyuan, and so on.

Manufacturers in Guangdong Province generally position higher than Shandong Province. Good quality, there are some high-end brands in the world, they are buying in Guangdong Province with their brands, such as LG's Viatera;
High-end brands are buying quartz products in China, what does it mean? In my opinion, it shows that the quality of Chinese-made products can meet the requirements of high-end brands, and it shows that the quality of Chinese-made products is outstanding.

Let me list a few excellent manufacturers in Guangdong Province for your reference:
* Monicastone
* Sinostone
There are many factories in Guangdong that are excellent quartz stone factories. If you have plans to purchase quartz slabs in China, you can contact us. We can help you arrange your trip and visit these excellent manufacturers.

3. Fujian Province
There are not as many manufacturers in Fujian Province as Guangdong, but Fujian Province has an advantage. That is "Shuitou Town". It locates in Fujian province, as a very famous stone distribution center in the world.
Many practitioners in the stone industry will come to Shuitou to purchase natural marble, natural granite, artificial marble, natural travertine, sandstone, volcanic rock, natural onyx, and other stone.

When these practitioners come to the Shuitou, they can pack together with dozens of artificial quartz stones while purchasing natural stone.

You know, many people have just come into contact with the artificial quartz stone industry. They don't know if the market will accept this product. They don't know if the sales trend of artificial quartz stone will be perfect. They didn't dare to buy too many quartz stones at first. 

Therefore, they will choose to mix the container, with natural stone and artificial quartz stone, and this can reduce the risk.

At the same time, there are many countertop processing plants in Shuitou Town, and quartz stone is excellent countertop material. These processing plants will also give priority to purchasing products from the local quartz factory in Fujian Province.

If you have received a project order for a quartz stone countertop, Fujian Province can be one of your purchasing locations.

We are waiting for you to come to Fujian, we can take you to visit five quartz stone factories in one day because they are close to each other, it is convenient.

There are some well-known brands, such as ONE QUARTZ SURFACES® from DALTILE in the United States; Della Terra® Quartz from ArizonaTile; MSI surfaces; Australia's Smartstone. They all buy from Chinese suppliers. If you want to buy from the same factories, please contact us. We can help you.

Lookrward to your message.

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